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This is financial planning,

Plan your goals, we will give you totally free guidance on how to make everything happen.

You can create life plans such as an emergency fund, save for a mortgage deposit, the master's degree, retirement, or automate your investments to see your savings grow.

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Emergency Fund

Deal with any unforeseen event or lay-off.


Become the master of your own domain.


A master's degree, university for your children, or an online course.

Grow your savings

We recommend strategies to make your savings grow.

Time-off for travel

Give yourself permission to buy a one-way ticket.


Start preparing for the future today.

A digital financial advisor, totally free

Our app gives you an overview of your finances anytime, anywhere.

Why are we better than your bank?

The traditional industry wants you to believe you need a “licensed expert” to make good decisions. We are committed to always offering the best for you.

As we don't depend on banks, we can recommend the best savings and investment products in the European market.

Our user experience is fully mobile, no phone calls.

Savings on autopilot

Configure your saving methods. Choose the method that best suits your life: save a fixed amount per month, activate the round up and decide the percentage of your income that you want to save automatically.

You can also save with your friends, family or partner.

Investing for everyone

If you want to get there faster, we will help you achieve your financial independence while you sleep putting your savings to work.

We create content about our investment methodology so you can learn on the go.

Your safety is our priority

We comply with European Directive PSD2 security requirements

With the same security as the most advanced banking (256 bits)

All your private data are protected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Verified and validated by experts in security and digital privacy

See financial planning at work

With the help of Vesto I was able to plan the purchase of my car from start to end, until now I did not have any tool to save and invest in a simple way.

Tiago, junior consultant at EY

I have a life plan adjusted to my financial situation, I can save for my dreams and also be prepared for any unforeseen events.

Anna, Doctor

Learn with us

We create original content to help you increase your knowledge about savings and investments.


Vesto presenta el Fondo de Emergencia

Vesto presenta en su lanzamiento la nueva Cuenta de Emergencias, donde regalará 2€ por cada 100€ que el usuario ahorre para su fondo de emergencia.


Vesto gestiona tus finanzas y ahorra e invierte por ti


Claves para lograr tus objetivos vitales

Cómo definir un plan que logre transformar un objetivo financiero en un hecho exitoso.